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Aaroco Custom Software - Web Apps / Web Applications / Browser Base Applications

Web Apps / Web Applications / Browser Based Applications - whatever you like to call them, these are some of the best solutions for users. Web Apps are applications programmed so that users can access and use the web application with a basic computer and an up-to-date web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.

Web Application Advantages

  • No User Installations - Web Apps do not require software installation on users' computers.
  • Access Anywhere / Anytime - All a user needs is a network or internet connection to access the application.
  • Low IT Administration - Very little, if any, of your staff's or IT service provider's time is needed to setup and maintain a Web App.
  • Always Up-To-Date - Users are always using the same and most current version of the software with no effort of their own required to do so.
  • Fast Updates - Updates and patches can be deployed quickly and without interrupting users' ability to use their computers.
  • Cross Platform Compatibility - Web applications are useable on any operating system and any device that has an internet connection and a modern browser.

Why Web Applications

Browser based applications provide the ability to interact with data in near real time while allowing you to avoide the hassle of installing software on the local computer. This means very little down time (if any) for users' computers and access to the web application. Users will also always be using the most current and same versions of the software automatically - no worries about installing or someone accidently using an older version that hasn't been updated to correct a bug.

Web App Security

Web applications are secured using the same encryption and practices that banks are required to use and can be updated without impacting each users' access to their computer. Communication is encrypted using the same standard web security technology that banks and military use to ensure the data being communicated between the server and the user's machine is private. We can also further enhance security by encrypting files saved to the application and implementing top security standards on the host machine and host environment.

Aaroco Custom Software - Web Apps / Web Applications / Browser Base Applications

Web App Strategy

There are two major categories that web apps fall into: "Internet" (available anywhere) and "Intranet" (available only on the local network.) Intranet based web applications make it easy to control and moderate who can access the application. On the other hand, Internet applications provide access to the application from anywhere in the world. Whichever category you opt for, you'll need to have a host computer to serve your application. Aaroco's team has extensive experience setting up and maintaining host computers and we are able to setup hosting for your web app utilizing resources ranging from your old Windows Professional desktop PC to professional servers housed in military grade data centers. We'll use our experience to help you with this decision and set up a plan to match your company's growth.


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