Website Management & Maintenance Services

Aaroco Custom Software - Website Management Services

Peace of Mind

We will handle the setup and ongoing management and maintenance of your website. When you want updates, send them to us and we will handle it. When there is an issue with your site, let us know and we’ll handle it.

Our website management service spreads out the cost of setting up and managing your website across 12 months into equal payments. Providing you peace of mind and an affordable fixed monthly rate that typically is lower than one to three hours of your time.

Take Back Your Time

Sure, you could do the website yourself and maybe you probably do now. But chances are you are ready to be done with spending hours of your time working on the website, publishing content updates, dealing with hosting, and trying to keep up with WordPress updates. If that's the case then consider having us take care of this facet of your business so you can focus your time and energy on doing what you do best.

Website Management & Maintenance Services included with our monthly plan include:

  • Porting Existing Site Design and Content – You will have the option to port your existing site design and content to a technology that ensures we can easily manage and update your site. During the port, we will review and verify site is setup to match existing “Best Practices” for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Mobile Friendliness.
  • Ongoing content updates – When you want content updated, you send us the new content and we’ll handle the technical side on ensuring your site is updated.
  • Monthly or Quarterly Review Meetings – we meet face-to-face or virtually to review your website and make sure it’s effectively executing the strategical objectives you’ve set for it.
  • Ensure Web Compliance – we’ll stay on top of changes to SEO requirements and web standards to ensure your site is always complying with requirements of the Web and various search engines.
  • Technical Communication with Providers – we’ll spend the time on hold and talking tech with the various providers needed to ensure your website is available and performing the way you need it to.
  • Domain Name Monitoring and SSL Certificate – We’ll make sure the lease on your domain name(s) and SSL Certificate(s) do not expire without you knowing. You’ll receive a notice from us ahead of time, so you can effectively budget for the renewal.
  • Email Administration – We’ll make sure your email addresses associated with your hosting package are properly managed and setup. When you need a new mailbox setup, an existing mailbox shut down, or password reset – we’ll handle it.

Additional Website Management & Maintenance Services that can be added to your monthly package include:

  • Managed Hosting – If you do not have hosting yet, or are done dealing with your current costing service, and do not want to go through the hassle of setting any up, we will set it up for you. You will own it, we will manage it. Includes 50 email addresses, mailbox setup, and email administration.
  • New Site Design – No website yet? We’ll let you pick from one of our hundreds of templates, set it up for you, and populate it with your content.
  • SSL Cert Management – Don’t have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate, we’ll procure one for your website and set it up ensuring that your site is Google compliant and communication between it and your visitors is protected with bank level encryption.
  • Domain Name Management – Don’t have a domain name yet? We’ll purchase one for you (in your name) and set it up so your customers and potential visitors are able to access information about your company on their mobile and desktop devices.
  • Additional Technical Support & Consultation - Our experienced technology professionals available for you to use to answer technical questions at an affordable hourly rate.

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